The Shelter Program

The Shelter Program of CL&SH addresses the problem of women and children displaced by domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence often find themselves homeless and in continued danger through no fault of their own but as a result of their attempts to escape the violence. Often the most dangerous time for victims of domestic violence is the very time when they are leaving their abusers and seeking safe shelter.

CL&SH serves these individuals at risk for domestic violence and domestic violence homicide. In addition to physical abuse most have also suffered from financial abuse many are victims of generational poverty, and many suffer mental health issues due to prolonged trauma caused by intimate partner violence. Because many of the victims served by CL&SH have been financially handcuffed by their abuser most would have no where to go were it not for the services of the CL&SH shelter program.

Women and children in immediate dancer who are in need of a confidential, safe, and secure location to live temporarily meet the qualifications for residency in the CL&SH shelter program. In addition, CL&SH offers services off-site to men who are in immediate danger and in need of safe housing.